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How to use KawfPic

KawfPic enables you to upload images to the forum,
track your posts, and best of all: manage your own files.

Uploading Images

You can post multiple images by sending an email to [forum]@quattroworld.com.
Just include all the images as attachments and replace [forum] with the name of the forum.
"s4b8@quattroworld.com" will post to the B8S4 forum or "other@quattroworld.com" will post to QWOT.
The name of the forum can be found at the end of the forum URL.
(IE: http://forums.quattroworld.com/rs4b7/)

Additionally, to prevent spoofing:

  1. You must send the email from your registered Quattroworld email account, or
    one of your registered email aliases.

  2. You may also require a 4-digit PIN somewhere in the email subject or body.
    The pin will be stripped out before your message is posted. Configure this setting in your account preferences.

Other Features

Register to use KawfPic now!

Click here to register or send an email to test@quattroworld.com to get started!

Thanks to our Members!

What other features would you like to see? Just drop us a note.

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